Think sustainably, 
act responsibly.

Think sustainably, act responsibly.

About us

WOODi. is created by a father and son duo who value wood as a building material that is a sustainable consumption of resources. We believe that wood is a resource that must be handled with care and highly valued.

Three years of hard work and innovation have led to the development of advanced technology for the application of wood. This patented technology creates new possibilities for the use of wood. 

Our wooden bricks are durable, comfortable, aesthetically beautiful, and warm.

As a first step, we aim to make WOODi. bricks available to kids to play, learn and develop with WOODi. 

This is just the beginning…


The WOODi. wooden play bricks are great for developmental skills and can be used to create models to scale. The universal bricks allow you to lay out house models or any other models according to your imagination. Playing smarter: The child learns architectural and mathematical skills while building and playing.


The WOODi. bricks are made of 100% beech wood, making them a sustainable and carbon-neutral product. We use only FSC-certified raw materials in our production. Trees are amongst the best absorbers of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; by giving low-value wood a long life, we are helping the ecosystem and reducing climate warming. We care about nature, which is why we think responsibly and act sustainably.


An excellent tool for creating a 3D sketch model: With WOODi. bricks, you can quickly and easily create a model of a house, apartment, cottage, or any other building. It comes in handy when visualizing and planning a new home and renovating an old one. For example, the model can help to decide on the best locations for furniture, windows, and doors.

We are building a sustainable future...

...one block at a time